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Chase Manhattan Overview
  Before You Buy
  Choosing the Best Mortgage for You
  The Truth About Fixer Uppers
  Your Credit History
  Home Inspections
  Applying for Your Mortgage
  Tax Benefits
  Deciding How and When to Move
  Finding a Good Neighborhood
  To Refinance or Not to Refinance
  Mortgage Rate Reasoning
  Employee Benefit Program
  Mortgage Terms to Know
Countrywide History and Overview
  Since You Asked…
  The Loan Process
  Home Ownership and Strategies
  Loans, Loans, Loans
  Who Qualifies?
  The Price You Pay First
  C is for Credit
  Resort to Refinancing
  Equity Loans or Lines of Credit?
  Pass on the Tax
  Homeowners’ Insurancer
  Home Upkeep
  All About Appraisal
  Home Loan Lingo
National City Overview
  Benefits of National City Mortgage
  What is a Mortgage?
  Fixed Rate Mortgages
  Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  Affordable Housing Programs
  Additional Mortgage Options
  New Home Construction Programs
  The Benefits of Home Equity
  Why Refinance With National City
  Payment Options
  Assistance to Keep Your Home
  Assistance Option When Giving Up Your Home
  National City Mortgage Insurance Options
  Mortgage Life Insurance
  Mortgage Pre-Approval
  What You Need to Buy a Home
  Application Process
  Frequently Asked Questions
Option One The Background of Option One
  A Culture of Servicey
  The Management Team
  Financial Literacy
  Who Should Take Out a Mortgage?
  The Monthly Payment
  What is a Second Mortgage?
  Take Out a Second Mortgage?
  Home Equity Line of Credit
  Preparing to Apply
  The Down Payment
  Fixed vs. Variable Rates
  Interest Rates
  Online / Payment Options
  Identity Theft
  Private Mortgage Insurance
  Option One Mortgage and Habitat for Humanity
  Option One Mortgage and Junior Achievement
  Volunteer Center Orange County
Principal Overview
  Fixed Rate Mortgage
  Short Term Loans
  Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  ARMs v. FRMs
  FHA Mortgages
  Home Affordability
  Down Payments
  Settlement Costs
  Why Shop
  Mortgage Referrals
  Payment Myopia
  Lookout for Lies
  Rate Locks
  Floats and Float-Downs
  Mortgage Qualifying
  Mortgage Documentation
  Avoiding Overcharges
  Truth in Lending
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