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Option One Mortgage and Volunteer Center Orange County

Option One Mortgage takes a holistic approach to its role in the business world and the community. By encouraging employee growth and focusing on community activism as a natural component of the corporate role, Option One Mortgage is able to enjoy the success of being a top ranked residential lender and also take satisfaction in the many ways in which the company is involved with the neighborhoods it serves.

One of the ways Option One Mortgage is involved in local philanthropy is by encouraging its employees to participate as volunteers. Recently, the company announced that its employee volunteer program, Lending Hands, is going to be working with Volunteer Center Orange County to provide even more opportunities for people who want help to be matched with volunteer opportunities that match their skills and interests.

Options One Mortgage’s Director of Corporate Affairs, Kim Denger, says that the company’s involvement with the Volunteer Center Orange County gives their associates easy access to volunteer opportunities, as well as, involvement in the community.

President and CEO of the Volunteer Center Orange County, Carol Stone, relays that they are very pleased to partner with Option One Mortgage and their compassionate associates who perform like model corporate citizens.

Partnering with local groups like Volunteer Center Orange County means that Option One Mortgage can get even more effective results from the efforts of its many community minded employees.

Option One Mortgage believes that any individual can benefit from becoming a volunteer. It is a great learning experience no matter your age. Volunteering is a great way that the associates of Option One Mortgage can back to the communities in which they provide service.

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