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Option One Mortgage and Junior Achievement

Option One Mortgage believes that being a supportive and involved part of the community should be a priority for any business. While turning a profit and pleasing customers is the main focus of every firm, it is important to have a balance and find time to give back to the community as well. It is especially beneficial when a company can find a way to get involved with an organization that actually empowers its own industry.

For Option One Mortgage, Junior Achievement is a natural fit. The organization nurtures the business people of tomorrow by teaching them the skills they will need to lead the economy into the future. It is a great way for Option One Mortgage to reach future consumers and help them be better prepared for the financial challenges and choices they will face in the years to come.

On Job Shadow Day, Junior Achievers visit Option One Mortgage on site, and learn about the various careers available to them in the industry.

Option One Mortgage associates also participate by teaching as a part of Junior Achievement’s “JA in a Day” program at local high schools.

Option One Mortgage also supports Junior Achievement financially in a variety of ways. Each year the company hosts an annual Bowl-a-thon, and by making donations such a recent gift of $200,000. The monies help pay for students to participate in Junior Achievement.

Being involved with Junior Achievement is a great way for Option One Mortgage to help the communities it serves prepare for a financially responsible tomorrow. It is never too early to teach kids about the importance of having a realistic financial plan in life.


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