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Interest Rates

Option One Mortgage is proud to offer some of the most competitive interest rates around to its home mortgage customers. Whether you choose an adjustable rate mortgage loan or a traditional fixed rate mortgage loan, you can count on Option One Mortgage to give you the best deal.

To see how the interest rate will affect your mortgage loan, go to an online mortgage calculator. Try inputting different interest rates representing identical principal and loan terms. You should spot a running trend whereby even a small change in the interest percentage makes a discernible difference in the results you get.

While interest rates are important, they are certainly not the only aspect to consider when choosing a lending institution. Remember, Option One Mortgage is a respected member of the business community with a solid investment in giving consumers the best customer service available.

Choosing a fly by night lender you have never heard of means they might not be there when you need them. Worse yet, they may try to deceive or exploit you. Be extra careful when dealing with lenders who send out unwanted solicitations or give quotes without asking first for information.

Option One Mortgage is backed by H & R Block, a name you have known and trusted for years, and that means you can feel comfortable and confident about trusting them to exceed your expectations.

All lenders associated with Option One Mortgage are honest and upfront with customers about exactly what their loan entails. They will not try to “sell” you a bigger loan then you can afford – instead, they will make sure you have the information you need to make educated choices about when and how much you borrow.

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