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Option One Mortgage and Habitat for Humanity

For many consumers, attaining their dream of homeownership takes hard work and discipline. But with patience and effort, they are able to attain their goal. However, for some disadvantaged families, the thought of owning their own home seems like a distant wish that may never come true. It is hard to imagine owning your own home when you and you family are barely scraping by on the streets.

That is where Option One Mortgage and Habitat for Humanity come in. Option One Mortgage is proud to partner with this innovative organization, which provides houses for the less fortunate. The company supports Habitat for Humanity on many levels, from employee volunteers building houses to financial donations providing materials to underwriting services. In fact, Option One Mortgage was proud to be named Sponsor of the Year in 2003 by the Orange County Habitat for Humanity.

Option One Mortgage has directly assisted in building Habitat for Humanity homes in communities all over the United States, in places as diverse as Bellevue, Washington, Huntington Beach, California, Boston, Massachusetts, Jacksonville, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, Orlando, Florida, Columbus, Ohio, Santa Ana, California, Costa Mesa, California, Stanton, California, Detroit, Michigan, Westminster, California and Fairfax, Virginia.

Regardless of location, each of these homes have one thing in common – they provide a warm, safe haven for a family that previously may have had to live in a homeless shelter or even on the streets. As a member of the lending community, Option One Mortgage is very proud to supports its employees’ efforts on behalf of Habitat for Humanity, and encourages all Americans to consider this worthy organization when considering which charity deserves their support.


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