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Financial Literacy

Are you financially literate? Option One Mortgage wants to make sure the answer is “yes”. With so many Americans going into debt and forced to default on their financial commitments, Option One Mortgage feels it is more important now than ever to give consumers the tools they need to understand the future implications of their financial decisions today.

Option One Mortgage is pleased to provide consumers with a variety of different types of information about mortgage loans on its web site. The glossary of mortgage terms can be particularly helpful for someone who is intimidated by the esoteric vocabulary of home loans, or just wants to brush up on some unfamiliar terms.

But beyond just educating its own customers, Option One Mortgage wants to play an active role in making sure all consumers are aware of their financial rights and responsibilities. The company firmly believes that the best way to avoid taking out too much debt is to be aware of the consequences.

That is why Option One Mortgage gives its support to organizations that are designed to help consumers be savvier about credit and debt. Through “BorrowSmart”, consumers can learn about the benefits and risks of home equity loans; Option One Mortgage also supports the “Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy”, which is aimed toward younger people.

“Don’t Borrow Trouble” is a program designed to keep people safe from “shady” lenders who try to take advantage of consumers who do not know their rights.

Option One Mortgage knows that using credit responsibility is something every consumer needs to think about. Though its support for these organizations’ education efforts, the company is hoping to stem the tide of current consumer credit problems.


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