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The Background of Option One Mortgage

A subsidiary of H & R Block, Option One Mortgage has been in the consumer lending business since 1992. The company helps thousands of Americans reach their goals every year by providing access to a wide variety of consumer loan products designed to help individuals from all walks of life make their dreams come true.

For first time buyers, taking out a mortgage loan can be an exciting and intimidating process. Through H & R Block Mortgage Corporation, Option One Mortgage offers consumers the confidence of knowing that their loan is backed by a company that is not only experienced, but has all the financial power of over $42 billion in assets.

Option One Mortgage services every loan it makes, and that can be reassuring in a time when consumers often find that their loan has been “sold” to another lending institution, sometimes without their knowledge.

Whether you are doing business with one of Option One Mortgage’s many brokers, with one of the financial institutions with which the company is partnered, or directly through H & R Block Mortgage Corporation, it is good to know that company behind your loan has been, and will continue to be, there for all its customers throughout the years.

Let Option One Mortgage show you how doing business with a reputable lending institution can improve your financial future and your family’s quality of life. Do not assume you cannot afford to own your home (or condo or even farm).

Meet with a loan officer today to discuss taking out a mortgage loan backed by Option One Mortgage. He or she will explain the many options available to today’s consumer.


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