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Option One Mortgage – A Culture of Service

Nowadays, it can seem that the mortgage lending industry is interested in one thing – marketing. With all the radio, television, newspaper and Internet advertising out there, it can be hard for consumers to figure out what to look for in a lender.

Take a minute to consider Option One Mortgage. In business for over ten years, the company makes caring for the customer its number one priority. And it is not just talk. Option One Mortgage knows that customers and those who have contact with them are the heart and soul of any business.

Rather than emphasizing managerial leadership over employee collaboration, Option One Mortgage focuses on creating an environment that encourages people from all levels of the organization to work as a team, freely sharing ideas, best processes, and information.

That means that consumers who get their mortgage loan through H & R Block Mortgage Corporation - and all consumers whose mortgage loans are originated by Option One Mortgage – can be sure that they will receive not only the highest level of customer service, but also the professional advantage that working with one of the most respected lenders in the business brings.

Option One Mortgage knows that happy employees mean happy customers, and by putting employee empowerment first, the company is able to offer its clientele the kind of service and results that keep them coming back, and telling their friends.

Option One Mortgage believes that the goodwill of its existing customers is the best way to attract and keep new ones. The company’s best advertising, promotion by attraction, is worth little if it is not backed up by a solid reputation and a commitment to the people they serve.


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