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Payment Options With National City Mortgage

When you obtain a mortgage from National City Mortgage you have choices in the way in which you want to pay each month. You have the option to pay automatically each month, pay online or increase your payment timeline.

If you are sick of writing check after check every month for your mortgage payments, eliminate the paper work and use the National City auto payment program. Each month your payment will be automatically deducted from the financial account of your choice – either a savings or checking account. This allows you to make timely payments and avoid late fees and also allows you to indicate that you would like additional money taken out and used toward your loan balance.

National City Mortgage auto payment program is compatible with virtually every bank in the country to make payment more convenient for you. The deduction will show up on your bank statement each month so you can keep track of your deduction every month.

Another way you can pay is online. Like auto payments, it is a paper-free way to make your payments but it is your responsibility to make the payment. You can take advantage of this option whether or not you have a checking account with National City or not. If you do not have a National City account you can use the Speedpay program to pay your mortgage from any banking institution for a minimal cost each month. If you are a National City account holder the service is absolutely free and through the National City web site.

The final way you can pay off your National City mortgage is through the Equity Accelerator Program. This program is coordinated with your paydays to deduct money from your check each payday to allow for faster loan payoffs. By paying at multiple times versus once a month you can pay off your debt at a faster rate and pay off your mortgage in a timelier manner than originally planned.


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