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National City Programs For New Home Construction

Building a house and | or significantly remodeling your current home are undoubtedly exciting projects. Yet, with regard to home rehabs, additional words and phrases that come to mind include: overwhelming, cumbersome, time consuming, costly and (ultimately) worthwhile. Thus, National City Mortgage has designed a program to help you through this trying, though also rewarding, time, by offering a host of value-added benefits.

With National City Mortgage, all parts of the construction can be combined into one convenient loan. This includes all permanent construction projects for the loan and the closing of the loan. So no matter how many small projects go into one construction or remodeling undertaking, all have one loan and then one closing. This convenience is all part of National City’s commitment to quality service and satisfaction.

Financing is also guaranteed. Before you begin building and for as long as 12 months of construction, you can enjoy fixed interest rates. This prevents you from being overcome with heightened interest rate costs. At the same time you negotiate your construction financing, you can negotiate your homeowners insurance. All at one time, from one lender, you are able to secure all the financing you require. Just like that with one easy step, you have all the financing you need.

When you undertake a home remodeling project, it is often common to take out a second mortgage to finance this endeavor. At National City, we want you to have options for financing your remodeling project that doesn’t require a second mortgage. National City offers a FHA 203(k) Rehab Loan program allows you to combine your home costs as well as your repair costs in one dependable loan. No more borrowing on your home to make repairs, this is a separate program that allows you to refinance your home or to take out a separate loan for remodeling purposes.

So whether you are building a new home or fixing your existing one, National City Mortgage has the loan options you need to have the home you have always wanted.


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