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Is an adjustable rate mortgage the right choice for me?

The type of mortgage you choose is dependent on your personal and financial needs and circumstances. But adjustable rate mortgages are good for those who are looking to pay a low rate up front and then once that introductory period is over, your rate fluctuates at the state of the market. So if you are interested in low up front costs and are willing to take your chances on the market rates, an adjustable rate mortgage could be the choice for you.

What are the terms of a balloon loan?

A balloon loan is for those who don’t expect to be in a home for a long period of time. Unlike traditional loans, once the introductory rate period, there is no additional rate period. The balance of the loan must be paid at the time the intro period is over. On average, the loans tend to extend no more than seven years and no less than five years.

When does National City Mortgage expect my payment?

Every contract is different, your mortgage note should express when your payments. In general, the first of the month is common for payment due dates. Always check your note to determine when your payment is due, it is imperative that you make all payments on time.

Does National City offer automatic payment options?

We most certainly do. With our EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) program will save you from the hassle of writing checks and paying postage. This auto payment service automatically deducts the payment from your account at the same time every month for your convenience.

Similarly, instead of having it deducted in one lump sum, each payday National City can deduct part of your payment from your established account up to the due date. This way you do not have to lose a large chunk of money on one payday – it is spread out over the entire month.

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