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Benefits of National City Mortgage (NCM)

There are so many mortgage companies out there these days that it can be overwhelming to know why you should choose one over another. Obtaining a mortgage is one of the most important decisions you will make, so knowing how a company will benefit you is imperative.

National City is the mortgage company you should choose for a number of reasons. First,
we take mortgage lending seriously. In 2002, potential home owners received close to $80 billion in mortgages courtesy of National City Mortgage (NCM.) Both online and in person, National City originated an impressive number of mortgages in the industry.

Second, National City is wherever you are. NCM offers hundreds of offices located in almost every state to make obtaining a loan easier for you. We know if you can’t find us, we can’t help you. So we are continually growing to be able to serve the needs of communities all across the country.

Next, we are one of the biggest mortgage lenders in the country – ninth to be exact. As your lender, we cultivate a relationship with you to help you get the best mortgage for your needs. We hope that this value-added service will keep you satisfied and will choose National City for all of your mortgaging needs in the future.

Another reason National City beats the competition is because our reputation of quality. As a subsidiary of National City Corporation, we have the expertise, know-how and financial resources to provide our customers with only top quality mortgage options. How could we stay in business for 150 years if we didn’t have quality service and products?

The final reason National City Mortgage should be your choice for your mortgage lending needs is that we are available online 24/7. Any time of day you can find out all your need to know about National City, our products and your accounts. For all of the reasons listed, National City Mortgage should be your choice for quality service, superior products and mortgages that meet your needs.


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