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Home Equity

It is the age-old question, why should I buy when I can rent for cheaper?

Well there are many pertinent responses to this inquiry.
1. It is your own space, not regulated by a landlord.
2. On a place that you own you can make design changes whereas, with most rentals you won’t even be allowed to switch the paint.
3. Since you have more rights as a homeowner, you are in a more primed position to take a more active role in the surrounding property and neighboring community.

Most importantly, however, when you own a home, the money you spend on your payments is actually working for you by allowing you to gather equity on your home. The longer you own a home and more payments you make the greater equity you have in your home.

One of the greatest benefits of having equity is getting the opportunity to use it. Examples of how these funds may be spent include: applying it to home remodeling and improvement projects, the purchase of a new car, paying off of accrued debt, funding your college education or additional schooling, and | or simply saving extra dollars for a rainy day.

There are two major ways in which you can cash in on your equity: home equity loans and a home equity line of credit. Home equity loans are used like any other loan. The terms of the loan regulate how much is borrowed and for how long. The fixed rate payments of a home equity loan are appealing to people who need the money for a designated purpose.

A line of credit borrowed from your home equity is something from which you can continually draw. Rather than using the funds for a specific reason, they can be used for anything at any time.

Whichever type of equity you choose there are benefits over other types of loans. They require less time in terms of both the application and approval periods than other types of loans and credit applications. Plus, they also offer lower interest rates than the competition; you may have the opportunity to deduct your interest for tax purposes.


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