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Assitance Available To Keep Your Home

We can never predict when tough times will strike. Whether the market takes a dive, you lose your job, become sick or injured, unexpected hardships can arise at any moment. No matter how careful you are to pick a payment plan you can afford, if your means of income are suddenly lost, then you may need assistance in paying off your mortgage.

There are a few options that National City mortgage can offer to you that will help you keep your home, while allowing you to pay on the loan in some fashion. If you would like to try and keep your home you can choose to do one of the following:

1. Forbearance is the act of suspending or reducing your payments for a short period of time. Sometimes our financial situation is just temporary, and we know that income will begin again at a set date. This is the perfect opportunity to ask for a forbearance of your payments. When your income does begin again, you must take steps to bring your balance to the point it would be at if there were no forbearance, also called a repayment plan.

2. You can modify the terms of your account if you find that although you have income to pay on your loan, you do not have enough to pay as you did before. So Modifications on the payment terms can be made. All modifications are subject to the lender and the status of the said account.

3. You can take out another loan for a partial-claim if you obtained insurance on your mortgage. Then you can obtain a loan free of interest to payback the amount.


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