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Affordable Housing Programs

For many Americans, owning their own home seems like an impossible dream. The economy is suffering, job rates are down – most people are just trying to get by, which means the cost to own a home is not something that people in this situation can incur. At National City, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get what they want in terms of owning a home. That is why we have developed a variety of housing programs that are easier to afford.

With down payments and monthly costs at astoundingly low rates, the programs require qualification procedures. To qualify for these programs you must meet the requirements set forth by National City Corporation for our affordable housing programs.

For the person buying their first home, National City offers a range of loans for low income participants. With the assistance of Freddie Mac of Fannie Mae organizations, we assist first-time buyers with the navigation of the home buying process.

Despite the fact that you have good credit, many loan companies won’t provide you with services unless you meet various criteria. As long as you meet the good credit and requirements set forth by the loan, these loans will help you get the home of which you have always dreamed.

Another housing program we offer is the Bond Program to receive housing benefits. Found at the local to state levels, these programs offer low financing rates for initial owner. With the proper requirements, these programs can assist you win purchasing your first home. This system is offered in 31 states in the US.

Next is the Mortgage Credit Certificate which offers tax credits to new buyers. The credit is directly proportional to the mortgage interest. The final housing program we offer is the rural development program. Available in every state across the county, rural homebuyers must meet certain criteria to be eligible for this program.


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