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Since You Asked…

Even with a history and overview of Countrywide Financial Corporation and Countrywide Home Loans, it is not unusual that a person still has many more questions that have been left unanswered. Many people want to know what the different departments of the corporation do, how they should go about making payments and who they should contact for service and information. These are all reasonable questions with simple answers.

Many consumers wondered about the name change in 2002, and what would come along with that change. The company’s stock symbol did change from the symbol CCR to CFC. However, Countrywide’s well known financial products remained the same. Countrywide Home Loans continued to take responsibility for all home finance endeavors, while Countrywide Bank, a division of Treasury Bank, would continue to offer banking products like money market accounts and CD’s.

The Balboa Insurance Group, another subsidiary, offers an array of insurance plans for both consumers and businesses. In addition, Countrywide has remained an investment firm joined with other leading providers, offering mutual funds, 401K rollovers, annuities, stocks, bonds and IRA’s.

Overall, Countrywide offers superior mortgage financing and loan offerings through its diversified entities which include: Countrywide home loans, Full Spectrum Lending and LandSafe. Additional Countrywide properties include: International Banking and Capital Investments.

At Countrywide we are incredibly mindful of the commitment we have pledged to honor our social and community responsibility, as well as, to serve as a support system via which American’s can achieve their ultimate dream, that of owning their very own home. Hence, we place importance upon offering affordable loans and assisting clients who face economic difficulties with our workout program so that they may not have to vacate their homes.

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