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Home Ownership and Loan Strategies

Choosing a loan can be complicated and difficult, but perhaps that is because home buyers are not clear on their specific needs. After all, home loans are unique so that they can accommodate your individual financial situation. If you do not know your plans or are unsure of your financial goals, that is probably why you do not know what loan to choose or you may regret the loan you do purchase.

To simplify the process, you may want to first evaluate your home ownership goals. Once you know your goals, they will probably indicate what kind of tact to securing a loan you may desire to take.

If you are buying a retirement home or you are starting off with a large house with much room for children and expansion, you are probably pretty sure you are going to stay there for several years at least. In this case, your loan strategy will probably be finding a loan with a low interest rate over a long period of time.

If you are going to be there for a long period of time, you might as well make small payments over the years rather than high payments in limited time. You will most likely be interested in a fixed rate loan, which makes things easy for long term homeowners. You can rely on a set payment, on a set schedule, for a set amount of years.

If you foresee yourself or your family refinancing your home in a few years, you probably don’t want points and closing costs. Since you won’t be paying interest for very long, it will probably not make up for the cost of closing.

Therefore, you probably want to consider a fixed period adjustable rate mortgage. The ARM lets you change your payments as you go. You may also want to seek a smaller down payment, as you are spending your money in many places and will want to keep initial costs down to the best of your ability.

If you have children and would like to have the loan paid off in time for their college, a 15 year fixed rate or other short term rate is a good option for you. If you give yourself a deadline you have no excuses. This way you also build equity faster, which is good for credit and in case you ever choose to move.

If you think you should go with a fixed payment each month so you don’t get behind on your payments or take too long to pay the loan off, a fixed rate loan is common. It has principal and interest that stays the same for the entire loan, so you can get accustomed to the payment due dates and amounts.

If you want to purchase a more expensive home and want to have equity as soon as possible, you probably want an adjustable rate mortgage. This is usually preferred by those with a growing income, who will be able to pay more interest if the rates rise in the future.

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