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History and Overview of Countrywide Home Loans

With all of the different names and brands out there today, wouldn’t it be nice to have a company you could always trust? Perhaps you do have a certain type of shoe you always buy, jeans that always fit, or a line of hygiene products you prefer. Still, when it comes to bigger decisions, where do you turn?

You may be able to test drive a vehicle you’re looking to buy, and test out that stereo system you’re wanting for the living room. You can inspect your furniture and household appliances before you make a purchase. What about investing your money, and receiving financial advice? Who do you trust? How do you know your bank will take care of you, and where should you go for a mortgage or home loan?

It is difficult to trust any company these days, with all of the fraud and lawsuits in the news. So, wouldn’t it be easier to go with a business that has an honest reputation and a rich history? Countrywide Home Loans specializes in taking care of all of your home finance needs, and has been since 1969. Although Countrywide has expanded, evolved and improved since that time, it is the same company with the same goals.

Originally started by two men in New York who yearned to start their own mortgage company, Countrywide Credit Industries was born with Countrywide Funding Corporation as the mortgage and home loan lender, later to be called Countrywide Home Loans.

Along the way, Countrywide created Countrywide Security Corporation, which would help brokers and dealers find security in loans. As technology was emerging in the 80’s, Countrywide also developed a PC-based system to take care of administration and paperwork, which was the first of its kind in the lending industry at that time.

Eventually what was once known as Countrywide Credit Industries became the Countrywide Financial Corporation. The name change occurred in 2002 when the company was branching out and needed to make a name that enveloped all of these branches. Already in 1995, Countrywide Funding Corporation had become known as Countrywide Home Loans, Countrywide’s major subsidiary along with many of its others that offer a variety of financial products.

Countrywide Home Loans offers mortgages, refinancing, home equity lines of credit and other financial products used by homeowners, real estate professionals and builders. Countrywide provides service throughout the country with two regional sales centers and 400 offices in different states. Countrywide has grown strong over the years, earning itself a large customer base and ongoing consumer loyalty that makes the corporation one you can trust to be there for you.

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