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Overview of Chase Manhattan Mortgage

Whether you are looking to buy a new home, refinance your current home, or inquire about a home equity loan, Chase Manhattan Mortgage has been a leading mortgage and home loan lender for years.

Chase Manhattan Mortgage is under the larger network of JPMorgan Chase and Company, a firm that is a leader in investment banking, financial transaction processing, financial services for businesses and consumers, private equity and asset and wealth management. With assets of around $1.1 trillion and recently having merged with Bank One of America, the Chase brand will soon serve 850,000 businesses and 31,000 commercial businesses. Within the near future, Chase will have 2,300 branches in 17 states and will dispense 87 million credit cards.

Also called CMMC, Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation handles all home financing needs of Chase customers across the United States and in the Virgin Islands. First home loans are offered through CMMC in all states but New York. Home equity products are offered in 40 states, and loans only in Mississippi.

Home equity products are available for primary residences where owners reside with one to four families in residence. They are also available for co-ops and condominiums. Exceptions to this may apply In Texas and Downstate New York. Properties that are second homes, such as vacation homes, may also be applicable for home equity, but special restrictions may apply to these.

In Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Texas, home equity credit and loans will be paid by JPMorgan Chase Bank. In Texas and some other geographical areas, credit and loans will be offered through Chase Manhattan Bank, USA, also called Chase USA.

As one of the largest mortgage companies in the country and part of the JP Morgan Chase family, Chase Manhattan Mortgage continues to provide excellent products and service to America’s homeowners and homebuyers.

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