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Deciding How and When to Move

Sometimes just the idea of moving can be enough to decide against it. You dread packing up all the boxes, keeping track of all the stuff and throwing out all the junk, showing the house and keeping it clean, handling all the calls and negotiating the price, and pretty much every other annoyance known to man that comes along with moving.
Maybe the worst part is the actual process of moving, once ready to go. You have to decide how to transport all of your furniture and boxes, coordinate the travel and pay a large amount of money to have it all done.

It may help to sit down and think about all of the factors and costs before you jump into moving. You may even want to take a piece of paper and jot down your thoughts, or make a table showing what will need to be done and how much it will cost. Sometimes it is beneficial to make a list of everything and decide what you will be keeping and getting rid of or selling. Try and think of how much space you will need to transport everything you are moving. Then think of how many trucks or vehicles you will need, and if you want to use your own or rent from a company.

Okay, so you want to figure all of this out before you move, but you just aren’t sure what the costs will be and what is the best option for you. That is normal. Take some time to think about it. If you were going to do a self move, you would need to consider costs such as gas, tolls, meals and lodging.

In advance, you will need to know the rates of rental trucks if you are going to rent. You will need to keep in mind the value of your possessions and risk of loss while traveling, especially if you are hiring someone else to do it for you. Also, it is important to learn that some of the costs are not monetary. This is a reference to how gruesome and exhausting moving can be.

If you hire professional movers, it is definitely important to have an idea of the size and weight of your move. You will also need to calculate or estimate the distance in miles from the place of origin to your new home. You will need to think about the time of year, and any weather conditions that may hinder the transportation process. Also, if you are moving in summer or during Christmas or other holidays, it will probably be much more expensive for you to hire professionals.

If you want full service, the movers will pack everything up as well as transport it for you. If you choose self-service, you will do the packing and unpacking, while they will do the transportation. A side note, in case you want help but want to avoid cost: maybe someone you know has a friend or knows someone who can do the work for you without demanding all of the profit that companies are liable to make.

Keep in mind the costs of disconnecting appliances and/or service such as television cable, phone lines, internet service and electric or gas service.
If you do decide to go with a company, ask friends or family for recommendations or contact the Better Business Bureau. Check into complaints and/or records of the company’s performance in the past, in order to choose a reliable one.

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