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Chase Home Finance Benefit Program

One of the perks of being employed by a company or organization is the benefits you are given along with your salary. Usually these benefits include medical insurance with or without insurance such as dental or other specialty health coverage, sometimes a pension plan and/or a 401K. You probably would be surprised to know that as an employee you can receive even more benefits.

At Chase Manhattan Mortgage, your dedication and hard work is respected and honored. Chase knows you have a busy schedule and a large workload. This is why Chase also believes that you should be compensated in more ways than one. You deserve to be able to afford insurance and you deserve to be able to purchase things for your family, such as a new home.

These are not things that are guaranteed by a job or career, but investments that depend on the benefits you are given and the loans you receive. It is not mandatory for an employer to give its employees benefits, and it is not always easy to get loans without good credit. At Chase, loans are easy. Just by being an employee you can take advantage of the Chase Home Finance Benefit Program and be on your way to owning a home.

Chase’s Employee Benefit Program is a work-life program that provides discounts on mortgages and other home finance products. The best thing about this offer is that it is free! All you have to do is make one single, solitary phone call.

Why does Chase offer such an amazing opportunity for employees? Simply because it values its customers and it values its businesses. Chase knows how important a good relationship between business and employee is, and wants to help people in meeting those goals. Employees that are treated well are usually more satisfied and content in their work, which creates a stronger team and a more amiable workplace. Good benefits also ensure that employees are inclined to stay with the company and continue in the relationship.

Once employees are informed about the Chase Home Finance Benefits Program, all they have to do is call and sign up. As an employee, you can receive discounts off First Mortgage Closing costs, no down payment, jumbo mortgages or programs for less-than-perfect credit.

The benefits also may include personalized service by matching you with a Chase Home Finance representative who will take you through the entire home buying and mortgage application process, and explain all of your benefit options and opportunities. This program is offered throughout the US, so you can receive the same benefits even if you transfer to another state.

Chase Home Finance Benefits Program is all about helping more Americans achieve the dream of homeownership. It wants to create business and employee camaraderie and rapport, meanwhile strengthening its own relationship with its customers.

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